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Make it Memorable

Monday, 11 September 2017

Make it Memorable

For years, our staff have greeted customers with “Thanks for choosing Sooters, how can I help you?” Today and going forward, we greet our customers with “Welcome to 1996, how can we make your day memorable?”

We may have changed our name and look but we still take the same pride in our services and products. Our new look represents the quality of our services and the care we provide with what our customers need. We kept the packaging, the labeling, the signage, and the staff. We managed to open shops, change locations, add services and staff, close shops, and change locations yet again. There have been ups and downs, and good moments mixed with the unexpected stresses of operating a professional print shop in this nation’s growing capital. Many of our dedicated customers have been visiting our stores for years to have their memories transferred to photo paper or mounted in a frame that would be destined to hang on a wall for years. Why do we continue to do it and why on earth are we changing our brand name and look after two decades of customer service and traditional photo-lab expertise? The answer relates to memories, and our goal is to help people make their captured moments in life more memorable than they already are. 1996 is also the year my family bought Sooters before the franchise went defunct.

At 1996 there is an array of ways to print a photo in order to make a memory last. We offer printing options that fit a range of budgets and styles, plus we’ve got the experience to back our work and deliver our products and services with a warm sense of family-approved professionalism and attention to detail.

The Internet is a game-changer, and we recognize that so we’ve added a custom upload tool to our website. Customers can now upload their digital photos directly through our online store from their photo sharing accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and even Dropbox. An order can even be placed directly from a smart phone or tablet and customers can choose to opt for same-day service should they be in need for their prints on short notice.

With the growth of social media and popularity of smart phones, we are excited to start this new chapter in our business with an effective online printing service. That being said, 1996 still specializes in traditional photo lab services that brought us our initial success. Whether it’s a used roll of film found in a drawer, 35mm negatives, slides, old photographs that are stuck in dusty albums, they all have a meaning in our lives. They are our experiences, our glorious moments, our people, our smiles and our tears – all pieces of our story, all worthy of preservation. The remarkable thing about our relationship with photography is that the reason for capturing and preserving moments has always been the same. Whether it’s the 70s, 80s, 90s, or the modern day. People have consistently had an urge to snap a photo of a sleeping baby, a goofy pet, a child on a tricycle, the first sweet bite of wedding cake, or even a plate of food with all of its colourful garnishes. We instinctively pull out our vintage SLR or our 12-megapixel selfie stick-mounted iPhone because we want to look at those photos on a different day and simply – remember.



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