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New Canadian Passport

Monday, 31 July 2023

The New Canadian Passport in 2023 

The new Canadian passport has updated security features and new artwork, besides a modern Maple leaf design on the cover page. Some of the new artwork on the passport pages will feature Canada’s landscapes, nature, and seasons. The new passport contains a polycarbonate data page, a feature found in modern identification documents. Engraved personal information on the pages adds an extra layer of security. The document will also have a chip and antenna that stores the passport holder’s information.

Currently, the Canadian passport is one of the most universally accepted and reliable travel documents in the world.

Renewing Online

Service Canada is introducing a new online passport renewal system this fall. Keep in mind, renewing is simpler than applying for a new passport for the first time or applying for a children’s passport. For those new applications, Canadians will need to apply in person at a designated Service Canada location. A professional biometric photo taken at a Commercial Photo Studio is required for the online application.

Get Your Digital Photos at Sooter’s

At Sooter’s we’ve been taking digital passport photos for years. The soft copy is not something new to us. Countries like India, the United States, China, Britain, and New Zealand, to name a few, have required a digital photo for visa and passport applications. We’ve been taking those for years. We have the experience and the method down, and we guarantee your photos will pass.

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