Bring in your Film or Disposable Cameras!

Prices start at $15.99 per roll
We also provide Slide and 35mm Negative Scans

Film Processing & Printing

Bring in your Kodak, Fuji, AGFA, and Ilford film rolls to Sooters for processing today! Ottawa’s Film Processing Professionals. Slides and 35mm Negative Scanning done in-house and saved on USB.

Black & White, C-41, Positive Slides

In the beginning, it was all black and white. Do you have black & white film or positive slides? Bring them in today! Black and white film, C-41, and positive slides are all services we pride ourselves in at Sooter’s.

120 Film

Medium format or 120 film is something we love to work with at 1996. Because medium format cameras use negatives that are much bigger than traditional 35mm or digital, higher quality images can be created from them. Our image specialists can scan your 120 film and produce stunning images worth framing. Bring in your 120 film today!

Reprint Old Negatives

Do you have old negatives and slides sitting at home? Don’t let them collect dust. Negatives and slides can be used to produce very high quality prints of your images, even at large sizes. Analogue Film Never Dies.

Photo Restoration

Common damage to photos: Stains, Cracks, Water Damage, Sun Damage, Colour Correction, Change of Backgrounds, Remove People.

Restore life to your old photographs. We fix everything from minor scratches to extreme damage, all with high-resolution scans to restore your precious photographs to their original state. Rates start at $5.00. Stop in for a free estimate!


Type Exposures Prints or
Digital Copies
Both Prints
and Digital
Color 24/27 $15.99 $24.99
36 $19.99 $29.99
Black & White 24/27 $22.99 $31.99
36 $29.99 $38.99

Other Services Offered